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Senior Pastor

As of January 2020, Canyon View Vineyard Church

is excited to announce some big changes!

We're so excited to welcome Cory Sondrol and his wife Julia to our CVVC family! After an accumulation of extended prayer, prophetic words, and dreams by various people,

a succession plan for our next Senior Pastor was

made clear by the Holy Spirit. 

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"Our desire is for people to progress towards Jesus, and to then make disciples reach the unreached" 


In January 2008, Kirk Yamaguchi established an Elder Board, which is responsible to assist Kirk, and now Cory in establishing the spiritual direction and health of the church. The Elders are also committed to supporting and encouraging Kirk & Cory, keeping them accountable in their spiritual lives, relationships, and the leadership of the church.

vineyard distinctives

As the Vineyard has grown over the past 40+ years, certain distinctives of our movement have risen to the surface. As a movement, we believe that all networks and associations of churches have a part to play in the wider Body of Christ. The Vineyard has some distinctives that define our personality in the wider Church, and carry our unique way of doing life as Christians.

The main and the plain - John Wimber would always look back to what the Scriptures say, right on the page. We base everything we do on the “main and the plain” teaching that Jesus gave.

The already and the not yet - In the Vineyard, we pray for people, and sometimes they are healed, and sometimes they are not. Our theology and practice of the kingdom of God make it so we can acknowledge both miracles and suffering.
“Come, Holy Spirit” - This is our central prayer liturgy. As Carol Wimber used to tell us, “There should never be a time in our gatherings together that we don’t invite the Holy Spirit.” We all need a constant filling of the Holy Spirit.
Everyone gets to play - We believe that anyone can do the work of the Kingdom. We don’t have elite or superstar leaders - we are all commissioned - men and women, children, of every background.
Naturally supernatural - We avoid all hype or emotional manipulation. Going about our lives naturally, we pray for healing and listen for God’s voice in all circumstances.
Remembering the poor - We lean toward the lost, the poor, the outcast, and the outsider with the compassion of Jesus. We are all in need, in some way.

Reinventing ourselves in every generation: We never want to get “stuck” as a church movement, thinking every new generation should carry our distinctive personality in exactly the same way as the last. We embrace change and seek to embody our distinctive fresh expressions of the Church.​





30 plus years ago, Dan and Cheryl Cox were busy at work as car salesmen and housewives. As members of Christian Life Center, a small congregation with between 25-30 adult worshipers gathering in a small church building just one block off North Avenue, the church needed a new pastor.

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Although Dan still held a full-time job for the next four years, he became the pastor, and the church grew to about 300.
Through a long series of circumstances, the fellowship became acquainted with a national association of churches known as Vineyard Ministries International. As Dan and Cheryl attended conferences and met with Vineyard Pastors from other cities, they began to see that this network of churches held the same values and vision that we felt God had given the fellowship. Therefore in the summer of 1988, Christian Life Center became Vineyard Christian Fellowship and they launched the search for a larger facility.

In 1989 we remodeled a car dealership on North Avenue and affectionately dubbed it the "Chrysler Cathedral." It proved to be a practical, functional solution, complete with ample paved parking. In 1990, we remodeled the former body shop portion of the building and created a Children's Ministry building where hundreds of children heard the Good News of the Gospel and were taught the ways of the Lord. Subsequent remodels added the lobby and youth buildings at that locale. 

On June 2 & 3, 2007, Dan Cox announced his and Cheryl's resignation as senior pastors of Canyon View Vineyard Church. Dan also announced his successor, Kirk Yamaguchi, who came on board in August 2007.


The Corporate Board is responsible for the oversight of the financial and legal affairs of the church.


Canyon View Vineyard Church’s Corporate Board includes:

John Jessup

 Chad Gustafson

Amber Peck

Errol Snider

Cory Sondrol

Wayne Buxton

2021 bcw-certified-logo.png

Canyon View Vineyard Church was recently honored as on of the Best Christian Workplaces Institute “Certified Best Christian Workplaces” of 2021. 

To learn more, visit:

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