At Canyon View, Missional Cell Groups invite people to take their next steps toward Jesus, together.

Cell Groups are our primary vehicle for discipleship. Being in a cell group will provide you with the opportunity to move into discipleship relationships and to experience living more missionally week in and week out.

This discipleship model is not a classroom/pew sitting style of learning, but a relationship based model where people are raised up by "alongsiders".  These are people who come alongside others and focus 1x1 with other cell members so they can be a 'world changer'; dealing with one's obstacles to growth in life.  The goal is to help people move into God's purposes for their lives.

Our Cell Groups are growing in number at Canyon View. Hosted in homes, coffee shops and even at the church, there are many groups for you to explore as you search for the one that’s right for you. Cell groups are your next step for spiritual growth and development.


For more information call the church at (970) 242-7970 and ask for Marty Estes.

Cell Group Leader Training Videos

If you are leading a Cell Group, you are a very valuable piece of the CVVC puzzle and are helping implement the vision that God has given to Pastor Kirk for our church! We want to support you in your leadership journey in any way that we can.

Leader Trainings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month.  In addition to the bi-weekly trainings, Pastor Kirk will be preparing podcasts to be posted on the cell group page on our website on the in between weeks. Mark your calendars to join us! 

Below are recordings of the Cell Group Training Sessions. Can you let us know what you liked about the trainings and maybe what topics or ideas you would like to see covered in the future? Do you have any specific areas of struggle or specific questions you would like for us to address?

Email Marty Estes with your Feedback!

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