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Easter is an invitation. Not to a church, not to a religion, but to a person. Jesus loves you so much and wants a relationship with you.


Easter reminds us of our humanity and the goodness and greatness of God, even when times are tough.


So this year, we encourage you to visit one of these churches in-person or online. May God bless you as you celebrate the resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, and remember that His sacrifice is your invitation to a life worth living. 


Happy Easter!

Saturday April 3rd, 6 PM*
Sunday April 4th, 8*, 9:30 & 11 AM
*Special Online Service via Facebook, Youtube & Website

E A S T E R • F O R • E V E R Y O N E!


We are so excited to celebrate Easter with you! Easter for Everyone means everyone is invited, everyone is welcomed and EVERYONE is a recipient of the love of Jesus!


To see future events at Canyon View, check out our BULLETIN.


If you are new, we want to get to know you and help you make Canyon View your church home! Click here or use the chat to tell us you are new and we will connect with you right away. 


If you want to give to what is happening through Canyon View for Jesus, His Kingdom and the well-being of others, go to our giving page.


H A P P Y   E A S T E R   •   H E  I S  R I S E N!

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Invite your Peeps!

Click on each of these images and save them to share them as a personal invite via text or share on your social media accounts! We've also posted these on our social media pages so you can go and share those as well, especially the video below! Let's all use the hashtag #easter4everyone and invite the whole world to help us celebrate the freedom we have in Jesus!

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Walking Through Confetti
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We are so glad you have said “yes” to true hope, true life, and true joy only found in Jesus Christ! We are excited to join with you in your journey of faith and pursuing life with Jesus to the fullest. We’d love to connect with you! Please select one of the options below and we will connect with you via email or phone to welcome you to Canyon View and answer any questions you might have. 

Invite your peeps

E A S T E R • F O R • E V E R Y O N E


It means everyone. This year, we’d love for you to make Easter Weekend a time to check out a church that’s right for you. Not Canyon View? That’s alright. We have some friends you might connect with! :)

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Good Friday Service 


Friday 8 PM

Easter Sunday Service


10 AM

2711 Unaweep Ave

Grand Junction, CO 81503

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Easter Service 


6 PM

Easter Sunday Service


9 & 11 AM


2140 Broadway

Grand Junction, CO 81507

white logos square lock up cvvc.png


Easter Service 


6 PM

Easter Sunday Service


8, 9:30 & 11 AM


736 24 1/2 Road

Grand Junction, CO 81505

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Good Friday



Friday 7:30 PM

Easter Sunday Service


9 & 11 AM

402 Grand Avenue

Grand Junction, CO 81501

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Sunday Service


10 AM

in the


Memorial Park


120 W 8th Street

Palisade, CO 81526