Life Group Leaders 
Training Videos

If you are leading a Life Group, you are a very valuable piece of the CVVC puzzle and are helping implement the vision that God has given to Pastors Kirk & Cory for our church! We want to support you in your leadership journey in any way that we can.


Leader Trainings will be held on a monthly basis through a meeting with your Servant 6 overseers and other leaders in your group. This training will center around a recorded video from Pastor Kirk teaching from the Life Group Leader Manual.  These videos will have discussion questions to talk about with your overseers and the other leaders in your group.


Below are recordings of the Life Group Training Sessions. Do you have any specific areas of struggle or specific questions you would like for us to address?

Email Marty Estes with your feedback or questions!

CV Canopy Church Life Group OUTREACH

Join us every Sunday at 12:30pm at CV Canopy Church plant at Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley! Bring your Life Groups to serve the community & see the gospel spread throughout Grand Junction. 

This is an opportunity to grow in leadership, ministry training & serving. 

Contact: Serah Heiney |