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Raising up leaders that partner with the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom and display God's glory.

Are you wondering if there is something more to being a Christian than going to church on Sunday and trying not to sin? We have a program that will illuminate who God is by learning how to listen and obey what God has for you. The greatest example we have of God, is Jesus. Anything less than imitating Him will result in an unsatisfying Christian walk. At Canyon View Vineyard Church, we want to equip you with the tools to enjoy an abundant life and share that with others, the same way Jesus and his early Apostles did.

The Miracle House is a hands-on apprenticeship program that will teach its students how to fulfill the great commission given to us by Jesus. In this 9-month course you will learn how to pray, listen, how to heal, how to set people free, and share the amazing Gospel of Jesus.

Sep 14, 2020, 6:30 PM
306 Glenwood Ave - Miracle House

The Instructor: Pastor Bob Clifford and special guests.

Location: The Miracle House is located at 306 Glenwood Ave, Grand Junction, CO, 81501.

Cost: The course is $200. This will include the cost of the 5 required books and printing cost for the material, binder, etc. (If you are unable to pay the amount listed, please let us know).

Schedule: The class will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday.
- Monday: Miracle House Bldg 6:30 pm
- Wednesday: Chapel 6:30 pm
- Sunday: Attend service at 9:00 am and outreach from 10:30 am - 2:00 pm

Monday- Learning night. You will dive deeper into how to share the Gospel, identify areas of darkness, understand and utilize Kingdom principles

Wednesday- Encounter God’s presence and spend time in worship and prayer.

Sunday- Participate in Sunday outreach ministries. Sunday will be a time to practice using the gifts and serving. There will also be some other opportunities throughout the week.

Required Readings: Power Evangelism - John Wimber
Power Healing - John Wimber
They Shall Expel Demons - Derek Prince
Communicating for Change - Andy Stanley
Explicit Gospel - Matt Chandler

Attendance: In this course we expect the same level of commitment that you would likely have for your employment.

Completion: After you complete the 9 month course you will receive a certificate of ministry. This will be helpful in demonstrating your ability to minister and lead others the skills and tools to be effective in furthering God's Kingdom.

Disclaimer: This certificate does not guarantee a paid ministry position at Canyon View Vineyard Church.

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