Emergency Food Shelter - A Message from Pastor Kirk

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

March 17, 2020

Dear Canyon View Family,

As you can imagine people in our valley are experiencing some trying times due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Driving to the office today I noticed all the restaurants’ parking lots were empty. That’s just one business that is being impacted dramatically by the shut downs. By the Lord’s grace we were contacted by the local Food Bank to be a distribution point to hand out food to those in need. Today they delivered 20,000 pounds of food to the church! So here’s how the food will be distributed:

On Sunday we will have 100 boxes of food that need to be packaged and hand delivered to the assigned individuals in need. This gives those of you, who are able, the opportunity to come assemble your box and deliver it to the person(s). Food boxes will be ready to be assembled and picked up at the church between 10 am -12 pm starting this Sunday. You can then drive to your assigned home to deliver the food and pray for the individuals that are open or receptive to prayer. There’s a lot of the fear of the unknown out there, so I’m thinking people are going to be appreciative of some prayer

Starting on Tuesday March 24th we will have a food pantry open at the church from 10 am -12 pm. Initially the food pantry will be available on Tuesday through Thursdays. We will need volunteers to man the food pantry and obviously love on and pray for those coming for food. Contact the office at 242-7970 to sign up.

Finally we will be collecting food from those that have an extra supply. Food can be brought to the church 10 am - 12 pm on Sunday or Tuesday - Thursday. This food will help our emergency food pantry to service more people in need.

I believe this is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to our community. I have always affirmed the spiritual principle that Jesus gave the disciples in Matthew 10:8 where he said…”Freely you have been given. Freely give.” That’s the foundation of the Kingdom - generosity. Generosity of our lives, our time and the resources the Lord gives us. When we give freely He always gives us more to give.

Thank you for being such a generous people, Canyon View. I love this church and am so blessed to serve with you.

He’s got this!

Pastor Kirk




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