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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

March 29 - Emailed in from Michele Soderburg

We had two food boxes to distribute.  Our first box was to be delivered and there was an indication on the slip that we needed to be patient.  Due to the virus we were to place the box near the front door.  We rang the bell and waited for about 5 minutes.  When the door opened we saw a very elderly woman using a walker with much difficulty.  She was very unstable and looked to be subject to falling at any moment.  It became obvious that there was no way she could access the box if it were placed outside the door.  We brought the box in and set it on her kitchen table being careful not to get too close to her.  She looked so frail and compromised that we had difficulty picturing her living alone.  We asked her if there was anything she needed prayer for, and she replied saying that she had severe pain in her back and leg.  We began to pray for her pain to leave and she said crying, “thank you Jesus my pain is better!”  We were so thankful to be able to see this sweet little lady, feeling the touch of God!  Thank you Canyon View for allowing us to have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

March 26 - A story from Dawn Stelwagon

I mentioned to my Aunt Ginger that we were doing food distribution and she came by today as she has many elderly neighbors.  She picked up a couple of boxes and when she took the one to this couple the wife had had surgery and was only able to eat egg beaters, which they can't find anywhere, when they saw the box of egg beaters they cried!!  Ginger says, God is on the move!!    AMEN to that!!

March 26 -S

I decided to take advantage of the senior citizen shopping hour at one of the local grocery stores. Not knowing what to expect, I arrived at the store about 15-20 minutes before the store was to open. There was a line outside the front door with about 20 seniors lined up & more coming. I knew what God had nudged me to do as I prayed for courage. Making sure I was allowing for personal space, I said out loud, “How is everyone doing?” People looked surprised & several made kind, but brief replys. I continued on, “Hey, I know a lot of you are scared, could I say a prayer of protection over you?” I didn’t wait for an answer, some bowed their heads as I said a short prayer. I moved on down the line & made the same offer of prayer. A man answered rather negatively, but a women shook her head yes, said something to the man. She encouraged me on. I said the short prayer of protection & then moved to the very end of the line.  I shared info on the free food being given by the Food Bank & hosted at our church, with the details. I repeated the same message until I was at the front of the line. As I walked back to my place in line, I felt a huge change in the atmosphere. People were talking to one another. The man who made the negative comment to me was wheeling out grocery baskets to new arrivers. Suddenly the line began moving as the store was now opening for business...  How could I explain this experience? I gulped & took a step of faith. It was like diving off the high dive for the first time!!  Scary, but exhilarating. I saw God totally change the atmosphere & it released something of His Kingdom in that place ... & it changed me too!! People are so open right now! Step out... & let Jesus touch others thru you! Let’s do this together!!!

March 22 - A Riverside Story

We had just finished with the food distribution. Amazing group of volunteers who love people through some really bad weather situations and now this… Everyone had left the park area besides Rick and Monica Miracle. And then a man named James who is probably in his mid-50s but look more like he was in his 70s. It was obvious that he was homeless. He was pushing a three wheeled jogging stroller loaded with all his earthly belongings. Sleeping bag tarp And the groceries he just got from Canyon View. As I was talking to Rick and Monica he came walking over to Us. I thought to myself he's going to ask for money. I could feel myself judging him. He spoke across the parking lot and said hey can I ask you guys a question. Rick with a big smile on his face and James what do you need. As he walked over towards us. He said would you please pray for me. I was really taken back by this. He began to explain that him and his wife are going through hard times and not getting along well. They had been married then got divorced and then got remarried. As he started to and tears began to drip down his face. He had such deep wrinkles because of the Sun. Rick and Monica immediately place their hands on His shoulders. He said I just keep messing up. I need Jesus… He looked me in the eyes and reached over and put his hand on my shoulders. He was not practicing social distancing. The Holy Spirit fill my mind with the man with leprosy. Who asked Jesus If you're willing would you heal me. And the Gospel of Mark Jesus looked upon him with compassion and touched him. And said I am willing. James took off his hat as we began to pray. The peace of God filled the park that moment. I thought I was To help. But it was I who needed the help… To stop my heart from being jaded.

March 22- An Email to Pastor Bob from a CVVC Attendee... who had heard of our amazing stories last week and was so inspired that she went out hiking in the hope of getting to pray with some people and sharing Jesus. She said that she was shot down a couple times. One couple said we're not into that kind of stuff. She felt so dejected. That she went back to her car and began to cry. But she said the Holy Spirit began to speak to her and said you were planting seeds. Here is the rest of the story that happened later that day.

"Hi Bob, I had a couple of really amazing prayer opportunities today. The first was when I arrived at my client’s house today at 10:30. She was so distraught and worried about several things. I said, “Marty, can I pray for you?” She fell into my arms and started sobbing. I just held her and prayed over her. Instantly she felt better. Then later we took a walk with her dog to the post office, came home to discover she had lost her keys. I prayed silently as we retraced our steps, 'Lord, please help us find the keys.' We had only gone one block and there they were. Thank you Lord! Yay God! Yay prayer!"

March 22 - Another email to the church from another amazing lady who attends our church that's a health worker.

"I am working at Community Hospital now and have had opportunity to pray with patients, something I have not done before.

One of these patients feels the need to share Jesus with his doctor, he wants to do it tomorrow at clinic day. Please help me pray that God will show up big time tomorrow.

Thank you."

March 20- An email to Bob from a great couple that attends our church…

"Hi Bob. This is the story of Gina and I stopping at a Safeway grocery store in the deli department. I met a lady working there her name is Vicky and she was telling me stories of how she and her sister wanted to go to Alaska to see the northern lights, her sister at cancer and just wanted to get away. I asked Vicky if she was a woman of faith and she said yes so I asked her if I could pray for her. She said yes. I asked if I could put my hand on her shoulder and she said yes so I prayed for her and prayed for her back and for her sister and for her anxiety of the the coronavirus. She got some relief in her lower back I was still talking with her when a gentleman came over looking for a spoon for his deli product that he wanted to buy. I walked with them where the spoon was and I shared with a gentleman that Vicky was having trouble with her back and that I was praying for her and he said that was amazing he thought more people should be doing that. So I asked him if he would like to join me in praying for Vicky. He said yes so he put his hand on Vicky's shoulder and I put my hand on her lower back and we prayed. We asked God to heal her back to release all ligaments or tension in her back all pain to be gone and in Jesus name. She said that she was feeling much better and actually could move much easier that her day was going to be blessed by us praying for her. Mike said that more people should be doing this and I told him that he could. While I was praying for Vicky she stared into my eyes I’ve never had anyone do that before it was amazing I can’t wait to stop in the next time I’m in Gunnison to check with her and pray with her some more. God is so good! Amen."

March 21 - Mailed in Letter to CVVC

Dear CVVC Team,

You are amazing and blessed.  I was in line for a box today and so thankful for what we received, the prayer team was so helpful too!  My thought life and prayers were answered today.  It had nothing to do with food - but fear and trust.  One of your prayer warriors said she was told to come to my truck and gave me a message!  WOW!  You are loved! - Scott & Marcia C

March 22- This is from amazing volunteer who helped out with outreach.

Two nights ago I wasn't able to sleep. Things I've been so rough and things have been going so badly. The only thing I was looking forward to was helping out and volunteering for giving food out. I kept on feeling like God was telling me Philippians 4:6. About doing everything with prayer, petition and Thanksgiving. And the peace of God would guard my heart and mind. Every so often the Lord tells me to bring an extra $60 that there might be someone he's going to use me to bless that day. When I showed up to the food distribution I asked Pastor Bob what could I do to help. He handed me a stack of cards and said could you hand these to people in the cars and just remind him how much Jesus loves them. I turn the card over. And to my surprise it was Philippians 4:6. I knew that the Lord had set me up. I was so excited. Because I knew there were so many people hurting that were in a much tougher situation that I even was. I could feel boldness come over me as I shared the card with people and told them the story. So many people were open. But there was one lady who couldn't quit crying. She was describing how her husband had lost his job. And she didn't even have gas money. I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit to give her the $60. When I gave her the money she could not quit crying and was so thankful. I told her that was from Jesus. And that he knows where she's at. I'm so thankful for Canyon View. And it's hard to help people who are hurting. Jesus never disappoints.

March 24- A letter sent in to CVVC


Thank you for your love and generosity of giving out food boxes during these uncertain times.  My husband and I were laid off due to COVID-19 related closures and are expecting our first child in June.  We could turn to fear but instead are in awe of the ways God has provided for us through His church.  Thank you for being the hands and fee of Christ and the avenue of God's provision for my family. - Molly & Josh S

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