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During this Coronavirus crisis I felt led to start a blog to help us stay connected and share some of my thoughts. A global pandemic like this has never happened before. It’s fascinating to see how many are responding to the crisis. The obvious emotion that rises to the surface is fear and panic. So we run to the store and buy up as much as we can with no regard for the needs of others. I still don’t get the run on toilet paper.

The question that looms out there for those that are followers of Jesus is how should we respond. Should we have a cavalier attitude that we’re invincible and no virus is going to take me down? So the heck with the demand to practice social distancing and appropriate hygiene practices. The problem with this is you may not be susceptible to Covid-19 but you can become a carrier and expose those that are vulnerable to the potentially deadly virus.

Jesus said to be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves” in Matthew 10:16. During this crisis this comes into play in a significant way. The church is called to rise up and be the messengers of hope and compassion during events like this Coronavirus Pandemic. I’m so thankful how the Lord has positioned CVVC to utilize our relationships, experience and skills to be a food distribution point for the local food bank. I look forward to hear how things go on Sunday as you all pack up boxes and distribute the food to over 175 households that have requested assistance. Go get em, gang. I’m so proud of the heart of compassion in our church family.

Did you notice I said I look forward to hear how it goes on Sunday? To be transparent Jane and I have made the hard decision that we need to be Uber careful to not be exposed to the virus due to my lungs being susceptible to virus’. I’ve had 2 bouts of pneumonia in the past and if I catch a cold it immediately impacts my lungs. So I have to intentionally isolate at home. I’ve been working remotely and am so thankful for electronics. So I’ve had to utilize my cell phone, texting, emails, zoom calls, etc. Without that I’d have to send up smoke signals. I’m so thankful that our staff and leadership team has been understanding and supportive of our decision.

Needless to say this has brought up great conflict within me. I love having time alone to sit in God’s presence, be in his word, pray, etc. But due to my extroverted nature it kills me to not be able to be in a room with a number of our staff and all of you. I deeply miss being able to worship corporately with you. I miss sharing a meal with a group of you. I miss fellowship!!

Yet I have to be wise and use prudence during this time. It’s the most loving thing for me to do. The hardest thing I’ve had to do happened yesterday. Our 2 ½ year old granddaughter, Ruthie, came into my room as I was reading and asked if she could get on my lap so I could read to her. I had to say I couldn’t to make sure we didn’t get sick. I tried to say it in the most loving way I could. It killed me! How does a 2 ½ year old process that?!!

Am I cruel and insensitive?! Someone reading this may be picking up your cell phone and reporting me to DHS for grandchild abuse as you’ve read this. But this was the most loving thing I could do. I want to ensure that I’ll be able to stick around and be able read to Ruthie hundreds of times in the future once this virus pandemic subsides. And this too shall pass!

So if you’re a high risk candidate like me, please hunker down. There’s no need to feel guilty that you can’t do things like help with our food distribution. You can do the most helpful thing by praying for the team. Pray for God to open up Kingdom opportunities. Pray for God to raise up the church as a light on a hill. Pray for our leaders. Call your neighbors and check in on them. Call your coworkers if your work has gone remote.

If you’re not a high risk candidate use wisdom and prudence as you serve our community and love on your neighbors utilizing social distancing and proper hygiene. Again to be loving to ensure you don’t become a carrier of the virus. You can still offer love and compassion by praying for others 6 feet away.

Jane and I are praying for all of you. We love you and longingly look forward to that day that the Lord opens the door for us to be together and celebrate corporately in worship, prayer and the teaching of God’s word. Lean into Jesus intentionally by utilizing this time to slow down, rest in his presence, pray and dig into His word. That is where we will find true peace, hope and life.

God be with you all!!

Pastor Kirk


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