In Person Services on Sunday at CVVC!

Good evening everyone!

Here's a nice slice of pie to follow up your dinner with...just kidding, it's an post, buuuuut an important one!

The Canyon View Vineyard Leadership Team is so excited to announce will we O-P-E-N and have our 9 and 11 am gatherings this Sunday, May 31st! We have been approved to host up to 175 in our main auditorium, with plans for overflow that will be summarized further on in this post. Hang tight, this post is worth the read...we promise!

Now there's a lot to consider as we've been approved by Mesa County to open up through an application process. There are a few particulars we will be implementing and we seem a bit off the beaten path BUT that's going to a recurring characteristic in this "New Land" and we can be excited about that! Please read and share with other church family how Sunday mornings will look **until further notice, as things continue to change**.


  • We will have two sets of our main entrance doors (right side) designated as entry points only to our building.

  • We will have the other two sets of our main entrance doors (left side) as designated exit points from our building.

  • We will have signs above both points that will help direct people where to go as they approach and leave the building.


  • We will have the main lobby set up in a way that encourages people to move into the auditorium upon entering, limiting congregating in the lobby space.

  • There will be two entrances to the auditorium (right side), both designated with signs.

  • There will be access to the restrooms, but drinking fountains will be shut off.

  • There will be two exit points from the auditorium (left side), both with designated signs.

  • There will be a walkway in the middle of the lobby for access to the restrooms.

  • There is a traffic flow plan that will be present on the floor via arrows.

  • Cry Rooms will be open and available.


  • Any and all sanitary stations will be designated by bright green signage (includes hand sanitizer stations, disinfectant spray bottles & rags, wipes etc)

  • Sanitary stations will be available in all spaces that are being occupied and can be used by congregants, staff and volunteers.

  • BOOKSTORE will be open, coffee shop/island will remain closed.

  • FELLOWSHIP HALL AND ADMIN ENTRANCE will be closed on Sundays.


  • Every other row in the main auditorium will be ribboned off and a distance of 3 chairs between each group/family/party will be promoted

  • There will be ministry time available after service up in the front of the stage. Prayer Team volunteers will stand on a designated 'x' on the ground to help keep proper distancing from other Prayer Team members.

  • Tithe and Offerings will be a "no contact" format at the end of service. We will have drop boxes/buckets located at the exit point of the main auditorium for congregants to place their offerings in.


  • Both will be open as a "personal decision" by parents or guardians as we know kids cannot self-distance.

  • Parents or guardians will take their children directly to CM or Nursery upon entering the building for service. If parents wish to keep children with them for services, they may, but children will not be dismissed after worship like before. If necessary, parents can take children to cry rooms during service.

  • Check-in at both Nursery and Children's Ministry will be done by either a CVVC staff member OR a volunteer working in that area to limit 'touchpoints'.

  • There is a traffic flow plan that will be present on the floor via arrows


  • Congregants will see Ushers and Greeters and can ask them for help or support, direction and guidance through our modified layout upon entering the building.

  • We have strategic placements to help eliminate confusion and help create a positive experience.


  • Services in the overflow areas will be live streamed via video projector and sound.

  • If we have more than 175 people arrive at either service we have an overflow plan in place. We will first redirect congregants to the Youth build with a max capacity of 150. Simple entry and exit points similar to the main lobby flow.

  • Should we fill the Youth building and need another venue, we will open the Awaken Building for an additional 121 spaces for service. Simple entry and exit points similar to the main lobby and Youth Building flow.

  • IF we go beyond that capacity, we will encourage people to join us via our FM transmitter station 106.5 FM in their cars.


All staff members, contracted workers and volunteers will be wearing a mask on Sunday. We will have 200 masks to provide staff members and volunteers if they do not have one come Sunday morning. This will allow us to remain in compliance with the county, and also provide an element of safety to the folks who may be a bit leary of coming back to church. We hope to create an environment of joy, love and safety and believe it or not, a temporary mask can help in those efforts!

For those unable or uncomfortable in joining us in person, there will still be a service posted on our website, Facebook and YouTube. This will go out at 6 AM on Saturdays so that it can be viewed at everyone’s leisure.

If you have any questions, PLEASE join us for our LIVE Q&A time with Cory and Kirk tomorrow, Thursday May 28th at 12 pm on our Facebook Page! You do not have to have a Facebook account to watch, but to comment and interact you’ll need to be logged in to an account.

A major thank you to EVERYONE for making this a successful, joyful, God-centered event in opening our doors once again. This plan is by no means fail proof(we're actually going to learn a lot about what not to do!), but it will help us navigate this New Land we travel in together, with the same mind, same love and united in spirit and purpose....for His glory!

We hope the details in this post make you either comfortable to come in and worship with us or help to understand some of the methods to the madness. We do want you to know that these decisions were heavily prayed about, and we believe we have discerned what the Holy Spirit has said is good. Please have grace with all around as we sail into this very different situation for us all. We are SO excited to see you, either in person or online!

God bless and good night!

-The CVVC Leadership Team


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