#TestimonyTuesday Corben Miller

It's #TestimonyTuesday again and this week one of our Youth is sharing his story! Corben Miller has been a critical part of our youth leadership and has an incredible fire in his heart for Jesus. Thank you for sharing your testimony:

"I’ve been a true student-athlete for as long as I can remember. In high school, I’ve found myself as a straight A, AP student. I was second team All-Conference twice for football and went to state for discus in track. While it’s easy to look at where you are, you have to remember where you came from. When I started high school, I was uncoordinated and weak. I was cocky with the little bit of athletic ability I did have and I found myself to be a bully to the people I called my friends. But I started to really get into church more and found that I wasn’t a person I could stand to look at anymore, so I changed and left what I knew for God. Ever since I chose God, my life hasn’t been the same. I’ve found true success and motivation and while sometimes it’s not easy, it’s easier than it was.

One of the most important things I’ve heard as a Christian was mentioned by Eric Gonzalez. He said, "There’s one thing that really wins hearts for Christ, that’s miracles, everyone needs their own miracle.”

My miracle, the miracle that really made me truly believe without question, was over the summer between seventh and eighth grade. I had been going to church for a while with my little sister and was invited to a church camp. I was unsure and definitely couldn’t afford it, but the leaders at the church insisted that I go. Unable to pay for it, my pastor at the time paid for me to go. I was grateful and had fun, and then we had our first night of worship. God filled that room in an unbelievable way. I could feel God hugging me. His embrace was so powerful that everything else didn’t matter, just His love. While it wasn’t that moment that made me begin to truly strengthen my faith, it made me stop and rethink everything up to that point.

After some time, I really gave my life. When you open up to God, when you really hand him the wheel and let him take control, this life becomes so much better. Now, it still isn’t easy, but when you feel God’s presence running through a room, when you feel what I can only describe as the most real love you can ever know, you can only do your best to reciprocate that love. God’s love is the most amazing thing you will ever experience, unconditional and unmeasurable. It’s euphoric and I truly do believe that everyone needs to feel God’s love.

Since this experience, what I live my life for and how I live my life has changed. It’s no longer about me. I was at a youth service, and the main part of the message was on legacy: what do you want to leave behind? I came to the realization that the main reason that Jesus’ name is still known today is because Christians have proceeded to put Jesus’ legacy before their own. Something that’s really stuck with me, from the song Broken Things by Matthew West, no matter how broken or useless you think you are, no matter how worthless, God will use you. God uses broken things, so continue to glorify God’s kingdom and keep worshipping. Praise Jesus and God bless."

That's awesome Corben! Thank you for stepping out to encourage others with your testimony. Bless you and keep on keepin' on.


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