#TestimonyTuesday Eric Wilson

This morning we are blessed by hearing the testimony of Eric Wilson who has been part of our CVVC family for years. Here is his story of a life-long journey with the church:

"Praise God! With Him we shall overcome.

As a young boy I grew up with a father who was a drug addict and alcoholic. He was often physically, emotionally and verbally abusive, not to mention being far from a God-fearing man, but I idolized him as most young boys do their fathers. I wanted to follow in his footsteps despite his ways, which as a young boy I didn’t understand.

Introduced to those things at a young age, I quickly developed my own addictions. I’ve lived the majority of my life as an addict. It “seemed” to numb the pain.

I started using drugs on a regular basis at the age of 14. I finally laid them down after the birth of my youngest son. I realized I needed to break the cycle. I have been chemical free now for almost 13 years. I did this without incarceration, without rehabilitation and without relapse. I started by rekindling the love for my family, in which I had ignored, and placed on a shelf for nearly 20 years. I was fortunate enough to be driven by the only true love I knew: my Mother, my 3 sons and a wonderful step family.

After going through divorce in 2012 and still struggling to find self worth, and peace with God, I was fortunate enough to meet a woman who revived my walk. She brought me back to my faith and even baptized me at Canyon View in 2017. I am forever grateful. She, along with Canyon View Vineyard Church have helped me realize the strength, and power in God's love, and forgiveness.

Jesus is always by our side. He sends us angels. We are all covered by His grace.

We only need to accept and open our hearts to our Savior, our Healer, and our one true King.

I hope that my words can be a light in someone’s darkness and an encouragement in a time of desperation.

Eric with his hands held high during worship!

Always know that God truly loves you. He rejuvenates lives, restores hope, and makes us new again!"

Thank you for sharing your testimony with our church and other believers, Eric! We are never meant to go through this life alone and thank God for those in your life that stepped up to help guide you back to the Lord. May we all be intentional in doing what your family and loved ones did for you. God is good!


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