#TestimonyTuesday Mark Godina

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Our #TestimonyTuesday this week is from the always positive and kind, Mark Godina. Here is his story of redemption!

"My Mom got pregnant with me when she was 15 and was talked into aborting me by her aunt. My grandma found out. Right before the the car drove away, my grandma jumped in front of the car and stop my mom from going through with the abortion. My grandma was an alcoholic and she vowed that she would quit drinking if my mom kept me. Mum did and grandma did quit.

The next 10 years were crazy for me as a child. My dad was a drug dealer and my mom was abused by him and so it was just me and my two brothers. When I turned ten, my grandma died and my mom finally got free from my dad. After that she became a party animal and she would leave us alone in a house with no electricity or food in the hot Arizona sun. I was forced to take care of my brothers and I was only ten.

As I became a teenager I was angry and got into gangs and drugs myself. Methamphetamines were my drug of choice. Then, on Feb 24, 1995, I was shot at a party by two shooters. I took a .44 to the chest and a .38 to the arm. I was dead for 3 minutes, my lungs were both collapsed and my back was broken; the doctors told me it was a miracle that I lived through it but I would probably not be able to walk.

My mom had gotten saved and was going to church in Fresno, CA. She told her pastor that I was in the hospital and didn't know if I was going to live. He came all the way to Arizona to tell me that I could be forgiven and I gave my life to the Lord. I ended up moving to Fresno and started walking with the Lord. After a few months in Fresno, I answered a call to preach. I then started working with young people, helping them get out of gangs and away from drugs. I got married and started a street ministry call the C.L.I.C.K. it stood for Christ-Like Individuals Committed to the King. That went well for 7 years.

About 15 years into my walk with the Lord and my marriage I started to get burnt out and begun to get away from the Lord. Things started to fall apart and my marriage was falling apart also. I was kept from my kids and I totally lost myself. I begun using drugs after 15 years of being clean. For the next 7 years my life was chaotic. I became homeless and was on the streets using and selling drugs.

In 2017 I met my wife-to-be, Sarah. She made me want to be a better man. We both used drugs together for the next 6 or 7 months but decided to get our lives together and move out of Fresno. Thinking we had housing, we moved to Colorado. We gave up all of our belongings and got on the Greyhound. When we got to Fort Collins, we found out that we did not have housing and were now homeless. During this time God kept pursuing us until we recommitted our lives to Him, fully surrendering to Him. We got married and our lives began to change. He brought us to Grand Junction and now our lives are so different! We now serve God with our whole lives. GOD brought me thru cancer, a coma, a gunshot and many other near death experiences and He still has me standing."

Mark and Sarah have been a huge help to our CVVC outreach team and always show up with such positive attitudes! You can tell they have a heart for the Lord and desire to serve Him. Mark serves with our Solstice ministry! We are so grateful to Mark for sharing his testimony with our church to encourage others in their journey.

God bless you Mark! You are one amazing brother in Christ.


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