#TestimonyTuesday Renee Worrell

Today's #TestimonyTuesday comes from the wonderful Renee Worrell, a woman with a ton of love for Jesus in her heart! This is her story:

"Growing up, I went to church on Sunday’s, and then went on and off through my adulthood, but I never felt like I really “got it”. I didn’t understand grace nor did I feel it. I tried different types of churches and nothing seemed to click.

In 2014 I lost my 26-year marriage to divorce and then my ex-husband the following year to kidney disease. In 2017 I lost my mother after 6 weeks to cancer. I started to attend CVVC after losing my Mother. I was buried in grief and self-hatred. Struggling with thoughts of harming myself while out of town one night, I reached out to a young friend from CVVC by text and asked her to pray for me. I yelled for the devil to get away from me, barely slept and got up early to drive to church for the 9 AM service.

Soon after that the church had a Worship and Baptism night. While seated with my young cell group friends, the Holy Spirit moved and my emotions took over. My young friends came over and asked if I wanted to be baptized... that night I started my new life. I am a work in progress. ☺ Slowly all my pieces are coming back together thanks to God, Grace, Faith and all the wonderful people that have helped me in my journey.

I have never been very photogenic but my concern with a photograph is making sure that people see how changed, happy and at peace I have become! I want people to see Jesus in me! I am a Child if God, yes I am!"

Renee you are beautiful and your words and actions are inspirational!! Join us church in letting Renee know how much we care and give this sweet woman a hug if you see her on Sunday. Thank you for sharing your story Renee ❤️


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