Trunk or Treat Stories from Pastor Bob

What an amazing night we had last night. My guess was there's probably about 500 people that came! Canyon View really came through! There was probably 21 different cars out there and 17 of them were Canyon View. The coats were a huge hit. We've gathered around 800 coats and probably gave 300 to 400 of them out. We were able to get out every kids coat that we had and then there was an even greater need.

Here are a couple of the highlights that I saw. Our cell groups were amazing...

One was a lady from our church. She brought a beautiful coat that looks like something from the 1940s for someone very rich. It had great great value to her she seem to be happy to give it but sad to be losing it if that makes sense. She knew that somebody would really need it. So she put it on a hanger with the other probably hundred ladies coats and we're off to get her child to do trick-or-treating. About 10 minutes later a grandma with three of her grandkids came by all she had was a blanket wrapped around her to keep her warm. She asked what the coats were for and I told her they were absolutely free if you need one. She immediately walk to that coat that was jammed in the middle of all the other coats picked it up. She took off her blanket and put it on and had the biggest smile. And then began to go help her grandkids pick out some coats for them. The beautiful thing was the lady who gave the coat just happened to be walking by at that exact moment. I pointed to her and said "see?!" She was so full of joy she began to have tears come down her face. Very seldom do we get to see the gift that we give have such an impact for the Kingdom. The other story that was so powerful. There was a couple that was probably in their 30s with their young children. Gabe Martinez had a prophetic word for the mom… The word was you have labels that have been put on you and that's not how God sees you and he began to name some of the labels. Both her and her husband began to tear up and said "what you're saying is true." Rick Miracle said "what I'm hearing from the Lord is fresh start… Has anyone told you about Jesus?" They both shook their head no. Rick began to share about how you can have a new life in Christ and asked them if they'd like to receive that gift :-).

They both said yes and they both prayed the prayer of putting your faith in Jesus. He told them to go home and write down that This is your spiritual birthday today!

I know these are just a couple stories. Hopefully they bless you as much as they blessed me. It's great to be part of a church that gets to see the Kingdom Advance!

-Pastor Bob Clifford

Comments from Dave Rohlman, CVVC Outreach Procurement Specialist

-A 30 something man came up and asked if this was where the coat distribution was. I directed him to the area. 30 minutes later he had his arms full of coats for his family and handed me a $20 to give to the church. I asked him if he needed prayer. He said yes but he didn't want to get into specifics. We prayed as tears filled his eyes.

-When Landon and I arrived a teacher named Tyler came out to greet us. Later I saw Tyler with the school principal, Jennifer Smyth. Both of them were very appreciative of the event. I told them that my Thursday morning prayer group often prays for our schools, administrators, teachers, and students. I asked if I could pray for them. We prayed in the parking lot for God's protection and provision. I've already heard from a teacher this morning of the "amazing feedback" from last night. They want to know if we have more coats. I told them to direct them to our Kimwood Park Sunday ministry where we will be distributing coats as we have them.

-Tamar Clifford was busy helping moms and dads find coats for their kids all night long.

-Many more images of people loving each other God is great!!

Here are some more pics from the event. If you have any, send them to us! Email or use the hashtag #CvvcToT on social media.


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