We intercede with patience and passion knowing that our God is the God of both creation and re-creation. (Matt 6:9; Rom 8:26)

Prayer is how we bring our requests to God, both as individuals and as a group. Canyon View's Prayer Team is committed to lifting up the needs of individuals and our community through prayer.

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By helping Canyon View Vineyard Church members and attendees, the Benevolence ministry extends mercy throughout Canyon View Vineyard Church (CVVC) by offering help to CVVC members and regular attendees facing unexpected hardships. The Benevolence ministry helps with primary needs including: eviction/foreclosure, utility shut off, food assistance and transportation repair.

*Only CVVC attendees will be considered*

  • This application must be filled out completely and submitted before any request can be processed. The application review process normally takes 5 to 7 days and will not be dictated by the urgency of the circumstances.


  • In order to process your application we will request the following:

    • Last two pay stubs and/or proof of income.

    • Copies of past-due bills you wish to receive assistance paying.


  • Be sure to accept the release of information or your application will not be processed.


  • Once the application is received and reviewed, you will be contacted for an interview.


  • The Benevolence Team will make decisions based on several factors:

    • Prayerful consideration of the need.     

    • Is the applicant putting forth effort to resolve the situation on their own?     

    • If assistance is granted, is there a plan in place so the applicant will not be in this situation again?     

    • Applicant agrees to keep assistance confidential (meaning between CVVC and applicant only).

    • Identifying other resources to access for assistance


  • If benevolence is approved, checks will be made payable to the debtor (i.e. landlord, electric co.).


  • Benevolence recipients can re-apply for assistance after 12 months. 

Care Portal

CarePortal is a technology connecting platform that brings the needs of hurting and vulnerable children and families in your community to your attention. Caseworkers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches and community members aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond.When you join CarePortal, you’re saying “Yes” to connections that can change lives, transform communities and reverse the foster care crisis in our nation. Sign up to receive opportunities to meet tangible needs — like groceries, bus passes and bunk beds - or to pray for families. 

Benevolence Application
Marital Status

Please list specific needs:

Please note that CVVC does not help with cable, phone or internet utilities/shut-offs

Have you received a late or shut-off notice for utilities? (electric, gas or water) *
Have you received an eviction/foreclosure notice for housing? *

Faith Journey

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Employment History

Budget Sheet

Please download the Budget Sheet below and  fill it out as complete as possible before meeting with the Benevolence Team. Bring it to the meeting with you.

Release of Information

By clicking "I Accept" below, you agree to the following:
I hereby authorize the release of information to Canyon View Vineyard Church (CVVC) to receive the assistance I am requesting.  I further certify the information I have stated is true and correct and that all income is reported.  I understand CVVC may verify the information on this application and that deliberate misrepresentation of information may subject me to denial of assistance/services.

I give permission for CVVC to discuss my case with other agencies, businesses, churches, attorneys, individuals, and any others deemed necessary to verify application information and/of identify additional sources of assistance.  I understand that all information will remain as private as possible within these entities.

I have read, understood, and agree to the policies above regarding the Release of Information. *

We have received your application.