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“Stories From The Road”


As we go through the Road Trip series leading up to Easter, we have prepared a daily devotional for you to follow along with and engage in! 

The devo will be available in pdf form to download below every week, or via our Facebook & Instagram Stories every morning at 6 am, OR you can pick up a printed copy when you come in to church on Sunday. 

There will be daily scripture verses, personal questions and occasionally testimonial videos.

We hope you check it out and that this helps you grow closer to Christ as travel towards Easter!

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Current Series

Image by Sebastien Gabriel

Road Trip

February 28 - March 28

Road Trip is a 5 week series leading us to Easter. On the road to sanctification lie many stops where we have to die to ourselves, and lean not on our strength, but in Christ’s. With this series, we will look into fasting, suffering, sacrifice, surrender, and repentance. As followers of Jesus and teachers of His word, how do we redefine these heavy terms to inspire our church to draw closer to Christ? This series will try to “redefine” each of these words and move our church toward sanctification in practical, methodical, and holy spirit driven ways. 

Past Series

New Wine

February 7 - February 21

This three week series focuses on what makes Canyon View, Canyon View.This series will go through where we come from, who we are, and where we are going. The idea of new wine being fermented in the church that CVVC started as, continues to be, and what new wine is ready for today? What wineskins need to be renewed as we move forward in the mission of Canyon View? Where are we going as a church? Join us and find out!



January 3 - January 31

Enjoying emotional health as missional living in 2021


  We are using “emojis” to get across the idea that the surface level emotions we tend to relay to one another do little to expose us or make us vulnerable to others in hopes of finding true healing. As Christians, we tend to focus on our outward appearance and making sure everything looks PERFECT. We are imperfect people that follow a perfect God. Within this truth, we have permission to be vulnerable, broken, and open to others in a united pursuit to become REAL followers of Jesus, something a broken world desperately needs to see in action.

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Heaven to Earth

November 29 - December27


August 19th - November 15

This series will span 13 weeks focusing on what “Vibrant Christianity” looks like, and in doing so, show how Heaven can come to Grand Junction. We will be going through the circles that make up Vibrant Christianity, which are Good News, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Purpose. Through this 13 week period, we will be able to delve into knowing the who, what, why, and how each of these circles transform our Christianity, and how in process they transform our city.

Splattered Paint


July 26 - Aug 16



June 28 - July 19

Touch points are areas we come in contact with others in everyday life. What if these areas were not meant to benefit us, but to benefit others? What if our main touch points blessed others and helped them see God in our everyday environments? There are four key touch points we will focus on: social media, work, family, and church. What does it look like to use these for the good of others and to the glory of God?

We will continue offering a MIDWEEK service that will consist of 5-7 minutes of the weekend pastor going deeper into the weekend content, questions for you, your family, or your cell group to consider, and then a worship song to reflect upon the truths we shared with you. We so hope this content is of benefit to you, and pray it helps you continue to grow spiritually with the Lord.

The Great Unknown_series FINAL BACKGROUN

the great unknown

May 24 - June 21