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This is our 2020 All-Church Initiative. A focus on evangelism through the eyes of self deception and self awareness. Being “in the box” refers to us seeing life, others, obstacles, etc. as only distractions and frustrations taking our eyes off the most important thing, ourselves.


Getting “out of the box” into self-awareness leads us to see, hear, and love the other and helps us to see others as relationships to build and not projects to manage when it comes to evangelism. 

By becoming self aware, and acknowledging our self-betrayal, we see our relationships with others as for them rather than for ourselves.

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Week 1 - Life in the Box

Awareness of our selfish nature awakens us to a whole new way of thinking.

Week 2 - Self Deception

Self-Deception happens when we become so focused on ourselves, we lose sight of reality.

Week 3 - Self Betrayal

Self-betrayal is knowing what you must do, and choosing to do something else.

Week 4 - Self awareness

Self-awareness comes when we let our guards down and allow truth to hit us, and move us to correction.

Week 5 - The Aroma of Christ

Because of the Corona Virus Crisis, Pastor Cory wanted to lean into the Aroma of Christ vs the Aroma of Pandemic and how those smell so very different. 

Week 6 - The Way Out

At the end of the day, once we decide to see others the way God sees us, we no longer resist the urge to stay in the box, and long to see God glorified in everything we do.

The-Box and Logo-no-BG.png
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